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GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon, is also a Technical Recruitment company, that provides Consultancy service probably into Technology Placement. At GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon, Human Resource consultancy service is provided by our expert Technical Recruiter, solely focused on helping our clients to become innovative business leaders.

Our Technical Recruiter value  in providing relevant Technology Placement -Human Resource to our clients. Our Technical Recruiter are a group of passionate, professional and experienced consultants.

One of the hardest things for any company to do is recruiting and maintaining a strong workforce, especially in case of Technical Recruitment or Technology Placement. No matter the industry, finding the right people is a challenge. The tech industry faces unique obstacles; GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon, bring the right people together. Our Consultancy Service to our clients leads to build the capabilities that enable their organizations to achieve advantage.

Technical Recruitment being a core function of Human Resource Management, GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon takes the first step of Technology Placement,i.e., appointment of a candidate. Our Consultancy Service intend to provide and appoint suitable candidates for jobs within an organization.

Our team of Technical Recruiter is to be able to identify/screen/qualify candidates for positions; our recruiters reviews, reformats and presents resumes to hiring managers. These duties and requirements of a technical recruiter help clients pick up capable candidate very rightly.

We as a Technical Recruiter act as an intermediate between the client company and the job candidates throughout the entire recruitment process and it’s compensated by the hiring employer.

We do Technical Screening by testing and evaluating a candidate’s skills and experience against a set of requirements using conversation friendly questions to uncover ones strengths and weaknesses without appearing confrontational.

The tech industry faces unique obstacles that make it even more important to recruit the best of the best.  Between the specialized jobs, the competitive recruiting takes place; it can be a challenge to not just find an employee but to find one who is the perfect fit. Because of these challenges, many tech companies are hiring technical recruiters like us GreenITCo, to lead their hiring efforts. Our Team of specialized, skilled recruiters can make the process easier; we can help to cut down on hiring time and create long-term recruiting opportunities. Our technical recruiter works to source candidates for open positions at technology companies and lends their tech background and understanding to the process. This can help our clients better connect with right candidates and as well help candidates to understand the job, leading to better hires. We being technical recruitment agencies can help both client and candidate by pre-screening and matching skill to the company's needs, saving both time and money.

Our strong culture anchored in a clear set of values helps us place right Candidates to our Clients requirements, thus we bring great value to clients by recruiting required Human Resource to them.

Our Consultancy Service Aim is to become recognized by both candidates and employers alike as Mumbai’s trusted recruitment specialists for vacancies within the Technical Sectors. We recruit from local and international markets and cover positions nationally within the technical companies. We provide tailored recruitment services to assist you in finding the right job or the right candidate.

GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon, work with businesses who have in-house HR teams as well as businesses who need the full recruitment process run by our team, the benefits of working together with GreenITCo are:


We’ve been helping Technology Placement businesses across India successfully fill their vacancies.


If you balance the resources and time needed to do your own recruitment, against our fees, you will find our costs highly competitive.


We are one of few recruiters in Mumbai whose consultancy service are accomplished and have real experience in the industries they recruit in. For you, this means they know the right questions to ask, to get the right fit both when scoping and finding the right candidates for your role.


Our comprehensive guarantee gives you protection in the unlikely event that a candidate leaves within the first month of employment.


If the skills you are seeking aren’t readily available, we will utilize our extensive network to find the right person for your job.


We have pride in our ability to recruit the right candidate, convincing our clients to choose us for repeat recruitment assignments.


We genuinely value our relationships, and work closely with companies.


With office in Goregaon, Mumbai– we are ready to help you fill your vacancy today.



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Dear Candidates,

     GreenITCo Consultancy Goregaon, can help you get the job you’re looking for. If you want to make a smart career move, the best place to start is with Technology Placement providers like us. We have job opportunities in leading companies throughout Mumbai. Our specialist consultancy service team are experienced in their chosen industries and will help you through the entire recruitment process – from CV preparation through to remuneration. We’ll ensure you find the right job in the right company.

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