As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (DELL OEM) for DELL, we as a company design software that is marketed by DELL. The product keys are priced lower than their retail counterparts, but use the same software as retail versions. We primarily deal with direct DELL manufacturers and system builders, and as such are typically sold in volume licensing deals.

We being DELL OEM, are officially held liable for things such as installation of DELL media, sale of PC hardware to a reduce cost. We rely on our ability to drive down the cost of production through economies of scale. Also, using an OEM allows the purchasing company to obtain needed components or products without owning and operating a factory. We provide Dell customized laptop and hardware. This helps one securely manage and support your Dell support solutions around the world. We as providers of Dell Solutions are efficiently building Dell support solutions, Business laptops, Dell customized laptop and Hardware, Customized laptops and Dell Solutions.

We provide best hardware and service for company. We provide servers, professional laptops, EMC storage. We have been selected as Dell vendors to enhance their partnerships with their resources. We respect that relationship. We work very hard to make our customers even more successful. By managing the technology, design, manufacturing, distribution and support for Dell solution, we give one more time to focus and bring optimal solution to market – a solution backed by Dell’s Tier 1 quality and global service.


Today's highly connected world is changing and Dell support solutions need to keep up. With the complexities of cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things, we have the expertise to create, install, manage and securely deploy the solutions - and the ability to analyze and utilize all the data. With Dell OEM Solutions we can. We are fast, efficient and profitable.

OEM Products:

In addition to standard servers, clients and software one can leverage need-specific offerings including unbranded products, long-life products and fully customizable products. As well, We offer a full range of storage products that can help you solve the most demanding data storage, backup and archiving requirements for your solution. Being Dell OEM we give you full access to all of Dell’s storage products with all the added benefits for OEMs.


Today’s Complex environment require true client and enterprise-class support. Dell OEM Support Services makes it easy for one to respond to their customer's demands and complexities. Expert assistance, tools and technologies will keep their systems up and productive, allowing them to focus on other business priorities.

  • Managing maintenance costs
  • Maintaining stability
  • Vendor requirements for enterprise and client systems

IT Lifecycle Management:

The OEM XL program relies on Dell’s best-selling OEM-ready platforms that are designed to empower OEM customers to transition to next-generation platforms at their own pace. The platforms provided in the OEM XL program are a subset of OEM-ready products chosen based upon the ability to provide stability, visibility, support and longevity

Customization Services:

We being Dell OEM as well part of the Dell-embedded program, with Intel, it enables us to utilize Dell-trusted hardware and services as part of our product. One can get their product exactly the way one need it today. By taking advantage of the Dell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty program and global support infrastructure, you can depend on the worry-free operation of your product for years to come.

  • component-level stability
  • durable design
  • harsh-environment accessories
  • advanced system management


Scalable, integrated business and enterprise software solutions from us, through DELL, make it easy to secure and manage networks, applications, systems, endpoints, devices and data to help your business deliver on the full promise of your solutions

  • Data center and cloud management
  • Data protection
  • Information management
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Security


Being Dell OEM, we offer a full range of storage products that can help you solve the most demanding data storage, backup and archiving requirements for your solution. Dell OEM gives you full access to all of Dell’s storage products with all the added benefits for OEMs. With Dell Storage SC-Series, PS-Series and MD-Series solutions, we have a complete storage portfolios on the market today. If you haven’t looked at Dell Storage recently, it’s time to consider Dell OEM Solutions for your storage needs.

  • Enterprise-level storage
  • Flexible storage

Simplify IT management, mitigate risk, and accelerate results through Us:

It’s easier than ever to drive value in your organization with innovative IT management solutions. Whether its managing virtualization and cloud computing, secure mobility user access governance, or the untapped potential of your data, there are dozens of ways to unlock the power of IT in your business. The best way to start: by drastically reducing complexity and risk.

  • WE:
  • • Provide the most from your technology investments in Windows infrastructure, enterprise applications, critical systems and virtual environments.
  • • Protect the business-critical data in physical, virtual, application and cloud environments – quickly, easily and affordably.
  • • Simplify management of business intelligence, big data analytics, and databases on any technology platform.
  • • Give the power to our clients to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are, which devices they’re using, or what platform they’re working on.
  • • Secure environment with award-winning solutions for identity and access management, network defense, remote access, email protection and endpoint control.

Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, Tablets, Cloud Clients and Desktop virtualization

We DELL Support Solution/ DELL OEM provide you access to the complete portfolio of Dell desktops, laptops, workstations, tablets and desktop virtualization solutions. From specifically designed systems for OEMs to DELL’s customizable corporate line of Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops, Latitude laptops, Venue tablets and Wyse thin & zero client devices, we can provide you with the solution you need. To us, Dell brings a range of client system, a robust design, scalability and adaptability in environments such industrial automation, healthcare, control rooms, CCTV, simulation, kiosks and defense. The Dell OEM Solutions team accelerates your time to profit by using customizable, Tier 1 original technology so you can focus on innovation and smart productivity.

As a Dell OEM, we have access to the entire range of Dell products in addition to our specific OEM client platforms. Our teams can help you decide what systems are best for your solution.


Plan, deploy and operate your network infrastructure by taking advantage of our consulting, implementation and support services.

Networking Solutions for the Enterprise.

Today’s applications call for new thinking about network architecture. Based on open standards, Dell Networking solutions by DELL OEM free you from outdated, proprietary approaches.

DELL's future-ready networking solutions help you:

  •  Improve network performance
  •  Lower networking costs
  •  Remain flexible to adopt new innovation

    Take control of your network’s future and learn how Dell's strategy for open networking can dramatically transform your business.

Shorten time to market.

Dell EMC OEM adds capacity, experience and engineering talent across every development phase so you can innovate faster and accelerate time to revenue.

Optimize the performance of your IP.

For engineering, design and development teams that prioritize performance and customer experience, Dell EMC Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) delivers. Get the customizable Tier 1 infrastructure you need to achieve your vision—all from one trusted vendor

What questions are addressed? We Answer....

Who leads the markets for embedded boards and integrated computer systems?

What are the key differentiators for market share leaders?

Where are embedded hardware suppliers expanding on their roadmaps and broader (IoT) portfolios?

How will the competitive landscape evolve through the next several years?

Why are more embedded hardware suppliers adopting or supporting new connected solution architectures?

What are the most important selection criteria when purchasing or specifying embedded board and system products?

Dell EMC Services:

Helping IT leaders like you... lead

Contending with routine IT demands leaves little time for innovation. It leaves little opportunity to take advantage of new trends fundamentally changing the way IT is consumed and delivered.

And, information technology does not last forever. It has a lifecycle, a measurable beginning and end to its productivity and its value. You are tasked with optimizing this lifecycle, but also driving breakthroughs for your organization. To foster growth, you have to:

  • Anticipate new requirements
  • Assess current capabilities and future needs
  • Design and implement new solutions
  • Quickly drive new systems into production
  • Educate staff
  • Maintain system health

And at the end of the lifecycle, when systems are obsolete or new realities trigger change, you have to start the process all over again. So, how do you accomplish all of this?

HERE, we believe the best way is through Dell EMC Services.