Next Solar Security System combines Solar Motion Sensor with the Technology, as well is environmental friendly and protective. One of the biggest areas of innovation is security automation technology


NEXTMEGABYTE has come up with an app named NEXTSECURITY for the society, which works as an Anti Sleep Alarm for securities. We have come up with an Automation Technology which works as good as an Anti-Sleep Technique for the Security Guards, which is integrated with mobile app along with the MOTION SENSOR SOLAR LIGHT. It also functions as a ONE point patrol system. This means the guard must get up and walk to the nearest guard point to touch his phone stating I am awake

NFC Solutions designed by Greenitco


One can install this technology and motion sensor in their society or property or anywhere the guards are posted, while the guard is on duty the chip would do its duty of keeping the guard awake.

In case the alarm buzzes at any time what was scheduled and if the record isn’t checked by the guard and misses to scan the chip through his smart phone, the concerned person will be updated with that through the SMS/Alarm. And this passive motion sensor would of course use one or multiple technologies to detect movement in an area.


The innovative possibilities of next security system features make them appealing to the forward thinking gadget lovers. It's not about what next security technology can do; it's how these products and services can best fulfill the goal of keeping your loved ones and property safe.

To use this app you require the tags made by GreenITCo, to buy online please click here

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Next Solar Security System combines Solar Motion Sensor with the Technology, as well is environmental friendly and protective. One of the biggest areas of innovation is security automation technology. Combining two-way wireless communication with mobile app development, automation systems provide unprecedented options to not simply see what's happening around, but also to control it from anywhere in the world. We can monitor all sorts of real-time information about our security guards from our smartphones. You can also use that same app to turn the alarm on and off, adjust time slot for the guards to round up as well can arm and disarm the security system.

NFC Solutions designed by Greenitco

Solar Sensor Light

Solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source.
Solar lights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days.
• Waterproof
• Wireless, easy to install, saving time
• Solar charging, no need to pay electricity bills, saving cost
• Long lifespan, energy-saving, environmental friendly
• Auto identify day and night, when people approaching, the light will be more brighter for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds it will dim
• Product application area: Garden/ Courtyard/ Road/ Park/ Street/ Pathway etc.

NSSS next security solar system

Manageable App

This App combines the art of technology and human touch to keep your security agency/guard busy. It makes sure that your security personnel have guarded your family or assets when you are away or sleeping. Like was explained earlier, the Security App is Manageable and can be used by anyone, even without technical knowledge. App has to be generated with certain time slots and the Guard would just touch the Chip Tag, and a SMS would be generated accordingly.

Wireless Technology

The biggest advances that benefit home security are the developments in reliable and data-rich wireless technology. The same push that allowed smartphones and tablets to free us from desk-bound PCs now allow for home security installations without the drilling, as well as remote monitoring that doesn't depend on telephone lines. Wireless sensors are now so powerful and dependable that no major security provider lacks a wireless package.

Guards Awake

Whether they’re working in a corporate environment or at the local retail park a security guard has an important role to fill. That is to protect the people around him. That’s a lot of responsibility and not one that can be taken lightly. Using this app your security app will be alert and aware of your surroundings even when distractions are forthcoming is an excellent trait. An unobservant guard for example could easily miss something which might put people’s lives in jeopardy, or could fail to spot criminal activity, so to ensure the security of people and property a security guard needs to remain alert.

Panic Button

NSSS features a panic button and an Inspector CALL button and can report on Inspector


NSSS also functions as a Time and Attendance unit.

Safety First

The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.

Energy Saving

Go Green and save money

Patrolling solution for security


The solar sensor light along with the tag is an one time investment, Solar lighting is more efficient and affordable than ever as Renewable power from the sun looks more appealing and no other cost in future.

Sleeping solution for Security Guard

Optimum Utilization of Resources:

The renewable resource as well the human resource that is the security guard is being utilized optimally. There is no wastage of any resources as the natural energy is provided with no cost for the lighting purpose and the chip tag within would not be corrupted unless is fidgeted.

Anti-Sleep Technique


The best security system features are the ones that best protect your home and loved ones. Merely, what we do is protect our property with High Cost Securities and it helps but only after the activity or accident and appointing security guards and he being there to protect the property or your family 24/7 is practically possible, you can assure that you are safe UNLESS HE FALLS ASLEEP and NSSS is built to keep your guards awake on duty.

sleeping solution for security guard

Cost Effective

As NSSS in future would give you least maintenance cost, it won’t let you pay the guards for sleeping and will ensure that your guard is awake as well the solar sensor used is through natural sources, will not require any other source of electricity which could appeal you to certain cost and is independent of the electricity grid, thus the operation cost is minimized and the product app will perfectly provide you a great return over the investment made.



Since external wires are eliminated, risks of accidents are minimized. And it is also Non-polluting source of electricity which allows the saving of energy and also cost. Solar lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized


Less Maintenance

Actually, No Maintenance! The motion sensor light is utilizes the natural solar energy which wouldn’t require to be changed, on the other hand installing an App will require no cost in future once installed and the tags are safe in which wouldn’t be affected for a long time.

Security solution for Society

Guard Tour System

Installing a security system protects a company and its security officers. Instead of filling out endless reports and forms, you can use this professional guard tour software to log incident events and make reports. These systems also allow the employer to monitor the guards’ patrols, creating a record that proves he is doing his job. And knowing his patrols are monitored keeps him accountable to the employer, providing motivation to fight sleepiness.

Concrete and Considerate Report

Each Security system, reports to a secure off site server where daily reports are automatically dispatched to the relevant personnel. NSSS reports are easy to read and understandable, providing detailed information which is readily available once the tag is scanned through the chip. Each guard and supervisor is uniquely identified on every report.


Buy and install a NEXT SECURITY Patrol tag reader

These use RFID encoded tags which are placed around your property. Normally 4 in boundary corners, so to verify your guard has done his complete patrol tour.01

Smart phone round

  • He carries his smart phone that logs every check-in at each point. The security guard will get the patrol reminder as to the time intervals set.

Guard Tour

  • He then will walk through the property and tap his smart phone to the tags.
  • The site is being patrolled duly as well the checkpoint tag is read.


  • The timing details and any events discovered are then downloaded to a center to generate reports to the concerned person.
  • Our system uploads the reports automatically and it also has a tour time schedule built in, which will show any missed times.

Alerts triggered

  • In case, he is off duty and is sleeping and fails to tap on time, an email alert or Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) notification is sent to the supervisor or control room as well an update is made to the supervisor or to the concerned person on their registered number.


Always remember… ‘’Three Causes of Accidents…