Milk Calendar is a Daily Calendar app to keep a track of your daily expense, to keep Hisab Kitab of daily Kharcha, one can install this app directly through Google Play Store.

Milk Calendar daily expense  records  hisab kitab of kharcha made

Green IT Co technologies Pvt Ltd with NextMegaByte is come up with a new app Milk Calendar basically for the society and especially for housewives to maintain their daily expense records, you can manage your daily Kharcha easily using this app as it keeps a proper Hisab Kitab of every expense.
Use of log book, to note down doodh ka hisab, in one’s culture is still continuing, assuming it is very easy and quick to note. You feel you would remember when writing it down on a particular day, but what when the month ends, or when the year ends. It is very difficult to memorize than, what was spent where and when, even though written, you tend to skip important notes like why and how.

Well, so you still use log book or milk diary to note down your Doodh ka hisab (daily expense/ Kharcha), to notice at the end sabka Hisab (calculation) messes up and you not sure what was spent where and when and why and how. Milk Calendar App keeps your add on worries aside by managing daily expense through such daily calendar app. A milk card or milk diaries is not easy to keep all the Hisab Kitab over a page, as well they are not handy.

Milk Calendar helps you to keep a tab on your kharcha (daily expense). It acts as your own Daily Calendar to check your kharcha (daily expense). Daily Calendar app is a general purpose app for every user. User can keep track of their personal daily expense (Kharcha) on a click. Milk Calendar App (doodh ka calendar app) is a milk card or kind off ration card which records expenses. It helps one to record doodh ka hisab as well ration that helps to note your daily expense (kharcha) on basis of your demand for basic needs like milk, newspapers, fruits and vegetables, grocery, payment to maid etc., it as well keep a track of the advances paid, also can add the quantity of purchases into the daily report.

This Daily Calendar App (doodh ka calendar app) will provide addition options on your entries as well would give you suggestions and notifications on important comments.

How it works?

Milk Calendar has to be given detailed information on prior basis, like how much milk would be bought along with the days it would be dropped with the brand name along with its price and once the details are submitted, the records for everyday is made by the calendar app and can be edited as and when there are changes in the fixed schedule, for instance; milk is not dropped on a day or there was another brand milk dropped or if one required extra packets on a day; simultaneously, one can make such updates on all the modules, for what the entries are required, We have such modules for newspaper records, records to bill paid to the grocery shop or the cable as well your phone bill, a module for fisher man is available, also records to clothes sent to laundry and its charges, fruits and vegetables bought, advance paid to maid or to anyone and the details of your fuel expense, rent to pay, bills to doctors and your insurance premium can be recorded. This milk diary provides the report day-wise, weekly and monthly with a reminder on important comments or recorded dates for delivery or any other such reminders. The App is a customized expense tracker to keep a record of daily budget handy. It is user-friendly, especially made out for house-wives, who spend most time in recollecting the expenses. In report, the expense made by each member and overall expense done by the group is shown, along with the amount that has to be received or to pay to clear the credit.

To Daily Users

Benefits to the Users:

  • We upgrade your buying habits and suggest you an ethical seller or vendor or maid
  • We come up with multiple brands on the list for certain products, which is rated highly and recommended by other users
  • We also bring options to add your references, like you can contact us and recommend us to your favorite vendor, either a grocery or fruits and vegetable sellers as well fisher man also your maid, cook or driver
  • We make your task easy, by simply providing you a total calculation on your expense
  • This app makes it easier to you to check the monthly expense details at one go
  • This app has to be filled up once, and has to be edited only when there are changes, to the pre stored data, thus time is saved
  • This app has a section to mention any important comments or any reminders for future dates; example: an appointment to the doctor, delivery to done by laundry, insurance premium to be paid, etc.
To the Vendors

Benefits to the Vendors:

  • A vendor can contact us directly, in case he wants to register his brand of milk or newspaper or else his shop, such that it could be recommended to the users
  • A maid/ car washer/ cook can be referred by the person whom he/she is servicing
  • This app could be beneficial to the vendors/service providers, in getting profits or payments for services offered


Saves Time

Rather wasting time in noting down the daily expense or daily kharcha into a dairy, milk calendar app makes it easy over a click with pre filled data, as well gives you a calculation on whole.


Documentation included with explanations for most of the options, so that you cannot skip any important kharcha ka hisab kitab

Easy to understand

Milk Calendar App is designed specially for house maids, thus its easier to understand and simpler to edit

Important Notifications

Useful comments for each modules can be edited in case of any reminder, this daily expense tracker will notify one on the date put up.


One can recommend their servants or shopkeeper and list down their details, this is easier for users to find out nearest and best one also to the service providers as their name is recommended automatically ones registered.


You can install as many languages as you want and extend them.

Handy Dairy

Dairy or calendar cannot be carried out everywhere, thus milk calendar app helps one to record daily expense handy, as where ever and when ever they need to.


Milk Calendar app calculates the daily expense records made up, thus giving you a reliable calculated report at the end of month or year in total.